Friday, 27 April 2007

I have been tagged!

OK right I have been tagged by Andrea (
and apparently you have to do seven fact/habits about yourself then tagged another seven ( I am sorry but I am only doing what I am told to do!)

  1. I grew up in the middle east
  2. I have lived in over 30 houses (I am 35!)
  3. I love fresh bread, and make a mean soda bread
  4. I hate all types of coconut along with sprouts,liquorice and fennel
  5. I can dislocate my left thumb at will (Rofl!)
  6. I have great sense of fair play, and I can not watch any programs that set out to embarrass people as they actually make me physically sick, so no beadles about, hypnosis shows, boratz, little Britain or anything like that!
  7. I love murder, books TV and film - OH is convinced I am planning the perfect murder (who me never!)

And so now I have to pass this on to 7 people! ok lets see if I can find 7 people that have not been tagged more then once before........Turtlestres, lisa,Tracey,RuthieH,craftyhazelnut,Debbie and anyone else that has not been tagged consider yourself tagged!


Frog said...

Thank you some great facts and habits there.

Andrea xx

Rachel said...

tis done xxx