Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Oh I think I might be on the mend!

Well I have had Flu......not Manflu aka a little cold, but full blown shivers, hot/cold, achie, snotty :),head hurting not fun FLU...........................and 2 weeks on I still feel rough....but much better then I did......so much so that I actually feel like making some cards!!

Looking for some inspiration for a card that I have to make for a birthday card group I am in, I turned to JustBex ....and I created a card using the SEPTEMBER CHALLENGE 1 TEMPLATE 0's and X's.

The recipe for the card is as follows:-

Papers from DCWV Teen range, the coloured ladybugs are from a kit from Create IT that I got years and years and years ago :), the chipboard greeting is again from another kit that came from QVC sometime this year unknown manufactor. I used a bright pink card as the base, covered it in bright orange (well its a creamy orange if you know what I mean), then cut strips of paper that have varying degrees of colour on them and placed on top of the orange card to form my 0's and x's and then a harliquin paper on top followed by the chipboard greeting, and then 3 little ladybugs in the bottom right hand corner.

Good friends of ours had a baby last year and I can't believe that James is 1 this coming weekend! its scary. I again turned to JustBex for some inspiration, I have lots of ideas in my head but sometimes I just cant get them down on paper/card, and I just need a nudge in the right direction and some inspiration from others ....and then off I go...........normally completely off on a different tangent lol!

Challenge 12 EASY AS 1 2 3

The recipe for this card is as follows:-

Craftwork Cardstock, paper,lettering, and images all from From Boys to Men paperpack from HOTP, blue glitter card, and some glue and some foam sticky pads!


Hazel said...

The number is so cute - love it. Hope you are feeling better soon - no fun having flu like that

Treacle said...

Love the cards and the chipboard on the second card is from the Brenda Pinnick TSV that Rosemary Merry did :o) I've got that kit too

Montysmum said...

Oh is it treak thanks...useless at remembering things!