Tuesday, 25 September 2007

On a bit of a roll

Had a really stressful day yesterday, OH managed to hit his thumb with hammer...right on the knuckle....and as he is a carpenter he gave it an almighty wallop...........I knew it was bad when he rang to say he was on his way home and it was just gone 3! Sure enough when he got home I refused to just bandage it, I wanted him to go to hospital for an xray.....finally got him to go up to the GP surgery.....sure enough they sent him to hospital! (why didn't he just do what I told him...he knows I am always right Lol!) Well he left at 5.30 and he phoned at 8 (I couldn't go) to say he had just been triage'd and that it was going to be all night if he waited and he was on his way home............I was NOT happy, but he is a grown man.....and he now is not getting any sympathy! and with all this going on I missed Weight Watchers which made me even happier, and my laptop was playing up....all in all I was glad to go to bed!lol

However today is a new day and I have been a bit crafty today! I rose to 4 challenges on Just Bex! today! helped me chill!

Right must get on as the man who is fitting our carpets is here tonight and I need to hoover!

Challenge 7 - Mirror Image

Challenge 8 -Simple Bex Template

Challenge 9 - Blocking

Challenge 10 -Folded Card


Angelnorth said...

Ooof - poor OH and poor you having to deal with it! Still, you managed to make excellent use of your destressing time, all your challenge stuff looks fab. I escpecially love the template one - the muted colours are gorgeous.

Hazel said...

These are fab challenge results.

Saffa said...

Poor DH!!

These cards are fab!! Wow you have been busy!

Andrea said...

Fab cards, I love the folded one. Hope your hubby's thumb is getting better