Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Pride, is it such a bad thing?

What a week, I have been very good (which is unusual for me :)) and been doing an awful lot of jobs around the house that I have been putting off, like pulling the airing cupboard out and sorting it, sorting clothes out, hoovering the car, washing floors.....and my old favourite IRONING! but you know it kinda feels good now that its done, because I feel I have achieved something....normally those jobs look at me with accusing eyes, I ignore them and I feel bad 'cause I know I should have done them and they are so much easier then I thought they would be!

Then I was looking on the Just Bex forum and there was a challenge on there do decorate/alter a coaster.........hmmmm....I don't even know if I have a coaster, and anyway what would I do with said coaster once it was 'done'.......but I went and hunted a Guinness coaster down... what other kind would it be in my house being Irish! Then came the most challenging thing.....what 'theme' or 'reason' would I use to decorate my coaster..... and I got to thinking about achieving.

I recently, well 9 days ago, managed to pass the 2 stone mark on how much I had lost with weight watchers. Now in scale of how much I still have to lose its the first step, but for me it was a big step, I have been 'playing' at losing weight for years and joined (Again!) WW in January and between then and about 5 weeks ago I was still 'playing' I lost a stone but I was gaining and losing the same weight every few weeks, anyway about 5 weeks ago, I managed to kick myself up my own behind (yoga experts eat your heart out!lol) and since then I have lost 16lbs.........and you know what I am proud of myself!

So I decided to alter the coaster to celebrate my achievement and I am going to keep in my office/craft room to inspire me to keep going!

1 Coaster
Basic Grey paper from the Infuse range
Stazon ink - Saddle Brown
Stamps - See Dee's Large Swirl Letters #50697
Ribbon - Hot Off the Press
Chipboard Lettering -Provo Craft Alphaletterz 2 1/4" chipboards
Flowers -Sen Plus
Brads - Hot Off the Press
Eyelet - unknown

One Coaster
Using my Cropodile I punched a whole in my coaster!
I used some sticky stuff and covered the coaster with some Basic Grey PaperI then cut it out with my trusty Precision Knife

And a bit of embellishment, stamping and ribbon and this is the final product!


Farmersgirl said...

Love the coaster.

Hazel said...

That is so lovely and especially for what it represents - well done on the terrific weight loss. I've been watching my weight now for about eight weeks and have lost ten lbs. so I'm quite pleased - need to keep it up though because there's more to lose (and sadly I've been there before and then put it all back - hopefully not this time)

Dawn Easton said...

What a GREAT idea! I have hundreds of coasters!

Andrea said...

fab coaster, love the flowers. Congrats on the weight loss, I lost 3.5 stone last year and feel so much better but I have put about 4 pounds back on over the summer hols so I'm determined to get it off again.