Friday, 2 November 2007

Over at Just Bex! they had a big challenge....and all the entries in the, I believe 15, challenges, due to commitments else where I wasn't able to join in them all, and not in time :) but here are two of my efforts Christmas Blooms and Christmas Tags, along with two cards that I made based on normal challenges during October!

My dearly beloved is being a little bit grumpy at the moment,well know let me rephrase that, I had to reattach my head 3 times since last night:( ***hmm*** Who know what is wrong but apparently I am always telling him that he has done stuff that he hasn't like ....seen a tv program before (which he has seen before *wink*) and I was having my haircut at home last night and he came into the kitchen and looked like he had been having a doze in front of the tv (nothing wrong with that he works hard) so I simply commented that he looked like he had been asleep.......and then this morning he demanded (never a good thing to do to me!) that I sort out MY pile of paperwork,when I had said most of it was his , he insisted he had been through it and none of it was his ....(hmmm not a good thing to do to me either!) and when I removed the one letter that was mine at the top of the pile.....yep you guessed it the rest is his...............................MEN don't you love them....!

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