Thursday, 31 January 2008 I mad?!

Ok don't answer that as I probably am!lol But I had been thinking about unmounting my stamps for ages so on Tuesday I bit the bullet and started. Luckily I didn't have that many to do, about 250, and the majority came off easily, only a few tried my patience but with a little encouragement *wink* they were unmounted.

Since I had so much fun doing that *not* I thought I would treat myself by going through all my unmounted stamps and trim them all up, I tend to only trim as I use them, so I had sheets of rubber waiting for me. I had a migraine yesterday so I sat in a chair with my sissors and snipped away, relaxing. I got through about 80% of the rubber I had, and I went to bed with hands that smelt like rubber **yes I did wash them** and no jokes about condoms please I had enough of those from OH!

I had a 'ickle parcel arrive from I Brake for stamps this I need to add that to my pile of rubber to cut....anyone would think I planned it lol!

Anyway with all this rubber cutting and sorting I havent had a chance to create any cards but I have been coming up with loads of ideas as I go through my stamps which I hope to create over the coming days, months years and possible decades the rate I am going!

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Lydia said...

Blimey!!! Well done you, and what a great idea...I think :0/ lol ^.^