Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Trip to London

I went to London yesterday to meet some friends, now to give you a bit of background I hate big cities, I hate the noise, the crowds, the smell, the dirt etc I have worked in London an to be honest hated every minute of it and sighed with relief when I got off the train in the evenings. Anyway as we are so spread out, London was the best place to meet. I decided to get a taxi to the train station so that I might partake in a glass or two with dinner *wink*. I was a bit early (planned it that way so that I wasn’t down the underground during rush hour) and as we were meeting up in Soho, I went to Oxford Circus and walked down Regent Street.....oh and just happened to go into Libertys.............I could spend hours in that store (in fact I have!) more then anything I love the architecture of the building its stunning. I found myself in the haberdashery department and lo and behold I managed to by some goodies *shock* . Now it was only a bit of ric rac and some ribbon.....but I might as well have been buying the most expensive handbag, the care that was taken with my little purchase ...the loose ribbon was rolled and placed in sealed bags, my receipt was folded and put in a receipt card, and everything was placed gently in the Liberty trademark purple bag........and none of this was done with an air of snottyness, and on your way out the doorman wishes you a good wonder they have been going since 1875!
We had a lovely evening, with tooooooo much champers (good thing we don't meet up that often!) and then I headed back the train station for the 10.00 train....................that finally left at 11.30...........good old public I finally dropped my weary bones into bed at gone 1 am this morning, and I was up at 6......I think a can of red bull might be needed by this afternoon!lol

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Andrea, said...

Sounds like you had a good day (apart from the late train!!), that ribbon is gorgeous