Thursday, 22 May 2008

Missing in Action.............

If I could wipe out the past week or so I would......

We had to let our beloved Monty go, he hurt his back and it was to much for our little old beagle and we had to ask our Vet to put him to sleep. He died in our arms in no pain just as we would have wanted. It hurts so much as he was such an integral part of our family, and he is greatly missed.

We also lost a good friend to Cancer, Merv was a battler and he fought it tooth and nail but in the end he could do no more, he was a gentleman, a friend, a father, a husband and a real joker. He will be missed.

and last night............a boy racer trying to get home in time for the big match rear ended me, totaled his car, damaged mine and another.

so please excuse me if I am missing for a little while, the creative juices have dried up and I have much to sort out.

P.S we had a wonderful time at my neices communion, I have some beautiful photos of her, when I get the chance and inclinaton I will put download them to share as she is a beauty!


Jules said...

Oh I'm so so so very sorry.


Petal said...

Take care of yourself, you know you are in my thoughts and prayers! x