Thursday, 6 March 2008

Quick Update

Sorry for the lack of service.... One aspect of my job is to train new starters for our company.....its 2 weeks long and it happens about 200 miles from where I live, which means I have to stay away from home and it means apart from being separated from my OH and Monty I am also separated from my crafting goodies. Now many have suggested that I should be some along, but when you work away and stay in hotels you have a tendency to work longer hours and work in your room as well 'cause...well its not like there is a whole lot else to do!! so after doing a minimum of 12 hour days I don't think my eye for detail or for a straight line would be up to much!

and then to complete my month of March I have a the joys of the MIL coming to stay with us for a give you a clue her dear son calls her Mrs Bucket.....there is no hope for me.... so come the last week in March I will in an institution, b. become dependant on some kind of stimulant, or c. go on a mad shopping spree cause I gave up shopping for Lent..........................or d. all of the above

So please accept my apologies for the slight interruption if I could I would truly love to be crafting but life has unfortunately not dealt me such a hand...

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